Rich Messaging API Built for Every App

Messaging API that powers modern communication for every app, and integrates with other services at one place.

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1-on-1 or group messaging

Basic messaging features that let users talk to each other real-time in private message, group message or even self-destruct message.

All in one place

Diuit API connects your app with other apps and services, providing your users a large variety of services - make reservations, book tickets, even hire a ride - all in your app.

Data dashboard

A dashboard enables you to monitor and analyze user engagement 24/7. You’ll know exactly when the users use your products, and how engaged they are.

Power every app and website

Powered by state-of-art protocol, Diuit API supports both iOS and Android, as well as website.

Easy to start

With a few lines of code, Diuit API enables in-app messaging and file-sharing immediately.

Support any type of message

Diuit API supports plain text, Emoji, photos, GIFs, voice, video, and more. Users can interact with other in any different ways.

Reliable, scalable, and secure

Diuit API is built for your growth - the server is highly scalable and reliable. Every message is sent through a secure encryption.